VIDEO: Will Muschamp Florida post-game


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Sep 10, 2000
I think the most disturbing part is that the players were walking around like they had all day also. This had to be intentional. No self-respecting player would just be standing around trying to use up clock. They would be getting up and running back to the line of scrimmage to run the next play. It’s almost like the coaches and the players work in tandem. But that’s about the only thing they work in tandem on is screwing up


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Jul 19, 2002
To me this whole debacle goes all the way back to when we hired Muschamp. Who, in their right mind, would hire a coach that couldn't win at UF and hire him to coach South Carolina thinking he can win here?

Yes, maybe Ray was running out of options of current head coaches that would take our job, but surely there would have been some top notch coordinators both on the college and professional levels that would have been interested in our job.


Sep 21, 2015
Yep... I didn't like this hire when it happened and caught he'll on here when I spoke out about it. Guess what...I still don't like it. Nothing will change until he is gone. Common sense tells you if a coach can't win at UF with all the instate talent no way he will win here with a lot less instate talent.. This hire has set us back 10 years.. Rant over
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